The Charon Adventures

Ships Log 2

Captains log

Well we made it inside this place. The gray goop that’s jamming every sensor and comm is fantastic. But a total pain it’s all over our gear and armour. +++++++++++interesting sensor and comm jamming ability this I must have+++++++++

OK so we make it inside this massive place the doors a good twice a human. We use a bio scanner sadly the range is massively reduced as we found a (vager) dog boy and it dropped the good doctor. She is alive but unconscious and simms and a med pack are doing nothing. With that and well let’s Face it money in mind. We killed the pup and lifted some type of stun gun. After a short time we cylinder containers the come out easy enough but the indicators are flashing so we just plugged it back In. ++++++++++this appears to have been a very close call antimatter storage is not to be messed with+++++++++++++++

The Place has been and is being visited by dog boys we guess 6 but after killing 2 we never seen the rest. We found and damaged section of the wall. That I will add looks and feels unbreakable even after weapons fire. I managed to get a sample of the wall, I am sure the good doctor will have lots of uses for a new Base metal or some kind. It even appears to have a repair ability. When provided with power.

The rest of the place was empty bar one filled with reptile like creatures in differing states of evolution. The dog boys had computers hooked up and into systems with data and research this has been well confiscated for our good doctor. I get the feeling we might turn a small profit but not much more. Ahhh well

I might add the place blew up thankfully and obviously we were on the ship. We retired after getting a nasty shock from the cell block. The damaged section turned of a force field. Thankfully we had enough firepower to re damage the wall and let our self out. This forced us to return for some medical care and during the down time we used the gray soup to mask the shift for 24h letting everyone heal. Upon leaving we noticed activity on a massive scale. And we watched the asteroid explode. We managed to salvage some containers of the gray goop and have even kept one container for our self never know when that might come in handy.

We also gained information that a dog boy ship was on its way in system to resupply the other puppy’s. So a little loot might be doable depending on class size and weapons of the incoming ship. +++++a little planned pirating tut tut++++++


The group search the ruins finding artafacts and some Vagyr .. after taking some damage head to their ship to heal . having disturbed antimatter storage the resulting explosion destroyed the planet .

Ships Log

Captain’s log

Kit what’s the date… Kit… KIT… (fucked if I know )<lexi /> why don’t you go look yourself your bloody Captainship. I am trying to do my log… Shit this thing is still recording (click)
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++the complexity of this relationship was at first the main reason that Mr moon drew my attention and will lead to further manipulation and use in the future.+++++++++++++++++++

Star date now right now.

OK we left space dock with 2 new members of crew. A Mr Johnstone. And some old marine Ben something or other, Johnston as a pilot and Ben as an engineer/leader to the marines.

It turns out our pilot has also added and AI to the main computer. Without being asked hmm well have our own hacker guess I will have him check it out and see what’s what.

Our first jump was as planned uneventful and I suppose that’s the point. We jumped into the system. And we’re accosted by some imperial message help stop the Prometheus or get out the way. Well new crew was only a 200 ton ship why not help and see if we can increase our reputation. And it was a good chance to test the weapons and crew and well the ship we had to brake her in some time. I held our course as she was coming to us although at a very fast speed. Our long range barbets scored 2 hits in fact all bar 1 of our 7 shots only one miss. I did not our long range weapons were more effective than the laser turret. Even on impact. Our main guns split the ship on the third impact nursing her hull and a spilling the crew.

We were let down by our armour tho the crystalline armour was reduced by 40% rather faster than I had anticipated. I will add to the log, Mr Johnston managed to jink the ship and avoided some incoming fire. We must look into options for helping with this.

He Was also able to allow his AI to hack the ship at long range this took a little longer than anticipated and something we will look at. Granted he locked every door on the ship just prior to my gunners splitting the hull so this action may have saved some lives of the crew for our imperial agent.

So we back angles get the repair bill. Oooh that nipped a bit 1.8mill credits for a repair. Thankfully on return the imperium took care of that little issue. And if I see our Samantha Zhou. I shall invite her for dinner. Or simply say thank you

Now we managed to gather some gear and fuel, and meet up with the doctor friend of Kit’s and we get some 10% deal for old tech hell it sounded good she had a presentation and everything and well I am easily impressed. OK she looked hot and was board.

As a side thought. We enter a system and assist in the destruction of a ship and her crew and have now taken a deal to take somone past imperial space for, something we may or may not find. So selling alien technology or stuff is illegal bar to the imperium lol nice little deal.

It starts

The Charon jumps into the realgar system . Upon leaving jump space they received a message from Samantha Zhou agent of the empire requesting any ship in the area to engage the modified far trader Prometheus . After a short battle the Prometheus was disabled . After docking at the star port tithe crew bought some supplies and made contact with Dr Lear . Dr Lear had found a artefact that seemed to indicate that a advance civilization used to inhabit a near by system . The charons crew decided to take 10% of anything that was found . Upon entering the system and approaching a moon that scans could not give any data . They flew down to the moon and landed near a structure . A ash like substance was in the air and seemed to cling to their armour . They then entered the structure via a 10 meter high door .


Shortly after purchasing your ship , Lieutenant Io ‘Kit’ Kitani got a message from Dr Juile Lear . A xenoarcaeologist requesting your assistance with a job . on your acceptence 10 mil creds will be transfered to you account as you will need to meet her in Realgar system in the sindel subsector of the Trogen reach a 3 month Journy . She has also arrange that for transporting supplys to Realgar The navy will cover your fuel for the trip..

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